• “Skunked”

    In the small West Texas town of Marfa, the annual shuffleboard competition is a game of friendly rivalry, but for Jacob Guevara, the town’s reigning shuffleboard champion, it has come to signify something much deeper and more personal. A rare look into the local Marfa bar scene, “Skunked” is a documentary that goes inside the competition with Jacob and his friends and family, showing how a game of delicate precision has had an unexpectedly strong impact on their lives.

  • Jacob

    Having lived for years with a disability that hinders his ability to compete in physical sports, Jacob Guevara has turned to shuffleboard as a way of establishing himself in the little town of Marfa, Texas. As┬áthe next shuffleboard tournament arrives, Jacob looks to hold on to his title as the town’s reigning shuffleboard champion, while facing competition from some rising stars.

  • Avery

    Avery Beltran is a precocious girl who has spent many a days hanging out with the locals at Padre’s, where the occasional shuffleboard past time has uncovered some hidden talent that has earned her the nickname of “The Dragon”. With the annual shuffleboard tournament set to start, she has set her little heart on winning and defeating Jacob, the reigning champion.

  • Beebe

    Having moved to Marfa from Austin, Texas a few years back, David Beebe is the owner of local hangout joint, Padre’s,┬áserving up the best burgers in Texas, the best chili north of Terlingua, plenty of beer, and the centerpiece of his game room, a shuffleboard table where all the locals convene.

  • Padres Marfa

    Formerly a funeral home, and now Marfa’s popular locals hangout! The site of the yearly shuffleboard tournament, offering plenty of live music, great Texas food, and plenty of beer!

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The trailer for "Skunked"!
Beebe gives a tour of what Padre's was like under construction.
A behind the scenes look at co-directors Chris, Laura, and Merri developing the documentary's structure, often called the paper edit.
  • Trailer
  • Jacob Visits His Father (Outtake)
  • Padres Under Construction
  • Developing the Paper Edit